Humberside Police launch their 'say not to fraud' campaign. Please use this link for further information.


The fourth edition of the ‘Little Book of Big Scams’ has been released for our force area which highlights some of the frauds that people are unfortunately falling for. 

Originally produced by the Metropolitan Police’s fraud and linked crime online team (FALCON) it’s packed full of advice about how to avoid becoming a victim. 

The Humberside Police version is a handy guide which gives lots of information about what to look out for, and what to do if you suspect someone is trying to con you or someone you know. Please use the following link for a full downloadable copy;


The 2018 Police & Crime plan can be accessed at


The PC urge residents to be vigilant in recording and reporting all crime and suspicious or anti-social behaviour to the police as it will be used to build up intelligence which could help catch perpetrators.


Anti-Crime Initiative

Fridaythorpe is a generally safe and friendly place to live and visit, though like any rural village is not immune from crime. Visit the links below to see how you can prevent crime.


ERYC Crime Prevention Guidance


Humberside Police Crime Prevention Guidance