The Fridaythorpe Parish Council is made up of seven members, known as Councillors. Councillors are unpaid, elected (or co-opted) members of the local community with an interest in improving community life and the village. Many councillors work in the local area or further afield and give up their spare time to help the community.

The elections were held in May 2019, and each Councillor is elected for a 4-year term or is co-opted until the end of the council term in May 2023. The Clerk is an employee of the council and is not an elected representative.


Cllr Tom Hemesley - Chairman
Cllr Ken Falkingham
Cllr Kevin Hynes
Cllr Matthew Wormald
Cllr Angela Parker
Cllr Gill Healy
Clerk - Samantha O'Connor