Welcome to Fridaythorpe and thank you for choosing our village as your  new home.
Whether you're renting or have bought your property, Fridaythorpe Parish Council, who maintain this website, will assist you with settling in.

The electoral roll is updated every three months and it may be that we haven't realised you have moved in! If this is the case, or if you want to meet your Parish Councillors, get in touch via CONTACT THE COUNCIL page by using the menu at the top.


Fridaythorpe is uniquely situated on the A166 York-Driffield road, meaning you can get to Grimston Bar Park & Ride (York) in around 20 minutes (25m with traffic) and the centre of York during rush hour in 40 minutes.
We're situated just a stone's throw from North Yorkshire and Thixendale is nestled in between some very steep climbs and is thoroughly recommended for a walking route - if you're feeling really adventurous consider a loop from Fridaythorpe heading south to Huggate and then north-west and north to Thixendale.

We have an excellent shop at JB Fuels (the petrol station) and is open 7 til 7 everyday.

On a clear day you can see the North Sea as you exit Fridaythorpe along the A166 heading east as well as what seems like the whole of East Yorkshire.

10-15 minutes' west along the A166 (towards York) is Stamford Bridge which has a number of amenities.
10-12 minutes' east along the A166 is Driffield which is the main town for public services for Fridaythorpe - this includes the Royal Mail Delivery Office for the village, GP surgeries, dental surgeries and is our nearest railway station which can connect you to Bridlington, Beverley and Hull.

Around 20 minutes north (via Fimber) is Malton which is clearly signposted from the main road in Fridaythorpe and all the way through.

Scarborough is around 45-60 mins depending on traffic with a variety of routes to take your pick from.

Beverley is around 20-25 minutes away and you follow the turn off the A166 at Wetwang which is the first village you come to after leaving Fridaythorpe along the A166, heading east.

Pocklington is situated on the A1079 which is the York-Hull (via Beverley) road and can be a little slow at times due to the increasing volume of traffic. There are buses that operate on this road and Pocklington has services to a range of destinations.

That's enough geography! There are countless villages around the area, however, that are thoroughly worth visiting.


Sainsbury's, Tesco and Asda all deliver shopping to the village - you may have to explain your address on delivery notes. This is especially true when dealing with other couriers.
Royal Mail deliveries are no issue.

Ocado and Morrisons do not deliver to the village at the moment.


Driffield operates a market on Thursdays. Pocklington has a Tuesday market.
Driffield has a large Tesco just off the High Street. There are a large range of shops stretching down the High Street including independent shops and chains including WH Smith. Most major banks are located here.
Pocklington has a Sainsbury's and Aldi next to The Balk and Burnby Hall roundabout. It also has a thriving independent retail sector, the Arts Centre as well as other major shops. Most major banks are located here.

The major supermarket that are in the area have their postcodes listed here to get you started, and you should also note the number of farm shops in the area and various independent retailers offering some thoroughly excellent goods.

  • Tesco Superstore - DRIFFIELD - YO25 6RA
  • Sainsbury's - POCKLINGTON - YO42 2GG
  • ASDA (small) - MARKET WEIGHTON - YO43 3AH
  • Tesco Superstore - MARKET WEIGHTON - YO43 3BG
  • Sainsbury's - YORK (Monks Cross) - YO32 9LG
  • ASDA - YORK (Monks Cross) - YO32 9LF
  • Waitrose - YORK (Foss Island) - YO31 7UL
  • Morrisons - YORK (Foss Island) - YO31 7UL
  • M&S Food - YORK (Monks Cross) - YO32 9GX
  • There are Co-Ops located in Pocklington, Stamford Bridge, York and Market Weighton


Oil & Gas

Some residents have clubbed together to form an "oil club" which may lead to discounts in the price per litre you pay. You can get the club details by clicking here

Most residents have oil tanks of around 1000 litres. You are advised to purchase 500 litres and to monitor closely how much you use before committing to 1000L for obvious reasons. Most homes are easily accessible with oil trucks of any size and the oil is pumped into the tank with a hose that can extend for many, many metres. If in doubt speak to your supplier.

You are advised to use www.boilerjuice.com based on the comments of many residents. Fridaythorpe Parish Council does not necessarily endorse any particular website or supplier.
The price per litre varies from supplier to supplier and can differ by as much as 10p per litre.

A good oil price as of February 2016 is 25 pence per litre, excluding VAT. So, 500 litres including VAT would be around £125.00 which is around £100.00 less than 18 months ago.

Oil prices have dropped dramatically in the last 2 years. Though residents are advised to maximise their savings, they should be aware that letting the oil levels get too low can damage your system.
If in doubt, speak to an engineer.

Gas deliveries operate on a similar basis with a limited number of homes in the village.

You should secure your oil and gas with cages, padlocks and/or other security devices.

Police, Fire, NHS

This is with regards to the emergency services. It's always 999.

Humberside Police operate in this area under the WOLDS WEIGHTON team.
Our nearest police stations are Pocklington (8.7 miles) and Driffield (10.4 miles)

Humberside Fire & Rescue are responsible for Fridaythorpe's fire safety.
Our nearest stations are in Pocklington and Driffield (similar distances as above)

Our NHS provision is wide ranging.
Your GP is more than likely going to be in Driffield due to the way surgeries are set-up.
As a result you may be put on to waiting lists for treatment in Scarborough or Hull hospitals.
You can ask for York Hospital though there are administrative issues with this.
In an emergency, York Hospital is the nearest with A&E at 19.6 miles on the most direct route.


There is a Fridaythorpe Cricket Club that plays home games at Wetwang CC. Contact the league for more information.


Telephone is 01377 which is a Driffield code and YO25 9 is our postcode prefix which is also Driffield based.

Superfast Broadband

The village was connected via BT-Openreach to superfast broadband in Spring/Summer 2015. As a result speeds of 0.6MB/s are thankfully becoming rare. Speeds of up to 129.6MB/s have been recorded though you should know this was rather the exception. Solid speeds of around 60MB/s have been consistently recorded by residents.

BT-Openreach operate the line which means that Virgin Media will not offer superfast broadband contracts in Fridaythorpe.
Most other providers do and you are advised to shop around due to the huge price differences.

As BT-Openreach do operate the exchanges, you can use BT's superfast broadband checker to see if your home can be connected to superfast broadband by clicking the link below

Can I get Superfast Broadband?

There are other providers in the area as well. Thanks to Stuart Tunstall for the following information:

"I would like to recommend the "high speed internet" that has been in the village for a couple of years or more now. I have had this since it was launched. http://www.ilovebroadband.co.uk have wireless internet in the village, I get an excellent service from them at a constant 28MB download and 13MB upload. I also would rate their customer service as excellent."


The mobile library stops can not be checked on the ERYC Library Finder.
For information on short-stay stops please telephone Mobile Library Services Office (01482) 392749, or the mobile library supervisor on (01482) 392721.

Road Safety

The A166 is a road loved by many, including bikers who frequent the Seaways Cafe in their droves, however the road can be too fast and too dangerous for some. There have been a number of deaths on the roads immediately leading in/out of Fridaythorpe, including a couple that were killed in a head-on collision at the start of the summer on the road towards Fimber. The speed limit in Fridaythorpe is 30mph everywhere inside the village boundary and most entrances have a 40mph "buffer" zone before national speed limits are in place. Unmarked police are regularly in the area due to the number of incidents and the speeds of many who use the road.

In the winter the A166 is a primary gritting route though there will still be patches of black ice due to the altitude and the mixed levels of traffic on the roads. Take extra precautions and follow advice provided by The AA and other motoring organisations.

There are no crossing points (e.g. pelican/zebra) in the village and so children should be extra aware of traffic when playing outside.

Bin Collections

Wednesday is bin day and we have one week recycling, one week general refuse & composting.

Bank holidays affect the collection day - check the ERYC website for details.

Corn starch bags for food waste in the brown compost bins can be collected from ERYC facilities across the county.

Village Defibrillators

Please use this link to find out where the two defibrillators are in the village.


Local government:

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Unlike neighbouring North Yorkshire, the East Riding of Yorkshire is a unitary authority with parish councils operating in a two-tier system. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council is headquartered in Beverley and splits the authority area into wards. Wolds Weighton is the ward that contains Fridaythorpe. It's a large area that returns three councillors to represent the area. The May 2015 returned three Conservative councillors to represent Wolds Weighton at County Hall: Cllr Andy Burton, Cllr David Rudd, Cllr Mike Stathers. The full results of the election for Wolds Weighton ward can be viewed here: View election results

House of Commons

Sir Greg Knight, representing the UK parliamentary constituency of East Yorkshire since 2001, is the MP for the area. He is a Conservative MP and be contacted via the Driffield office at 18 Exchange Street, Driffield, YO25 6LJ.

Fridaythorpe Parish Council

You can view all the information you need about the Parish Council via this site.